Data Analysis

Data analysis begins with collecting and organizing of data (both qualitative & quantitative) and then analyzing the data using various techniques and methods to interpret and communicate the meaningful patterns in data to improve the quality of product/process/service. Statistics tell us any trends in what happened in the past and can be useful in predicting what may happen in the future.

One such statistical software is Minitab-18 which has end no of tools such as Bar chart, Pie Chart, Histogram, Time serious plot, DOE, ANOVA, Tables & many more. Minitab-18 is a powerful statistical software package that provides a wide range of data analysis capabilities. Minitab-18 allows the user to create, manipulate and restructure data, produce a variety of graphs from simple charts to detailed diagrams and perform comprehensive statistical analysis.

Methods of data collection include surveys both online through internet & general websites & onsite includes interviews, measurements or records and observations.

Quality improvement is no cakewalk. Data is a very crucial & important part of analysis to production or service quality. If the quality of data is not good, it doesn't matter what statistical methods we employ, nor how much expertise we have in analyzing data. If we start with bad data, we'll end up with unreliable results. Hence, organizations & individuals can rely on Minitab statistical data analysis software which makes cleaning & preparing data for analysis easier.

Statistical Data analysis is the lifeline of any business. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or launch new product or improve the existing product or service quality. Minitab Statistical data analysis Software makes it easy to analyze survey data you’ve collected and answer questions that can affect your business or organization, take better decisions, solve problems, arrive at deeper understating of customer requirements, to take preventive measures.