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Quality is fulfilling client expectations. Consistent delivery of a service/product to the client specifications against the agreed value and on time. Which is possible through statistical data analysis approach.

Ex: An Audi car, as we all know is one among best brand where one would want to buy. However not all can afford to shop due to its value.

In such case, company might not have consummated the client expectations that is ‘Price’. Therefore, it’s vital for manufacturers & service suppliers to not solely meet client specification but in addition to keep up consistent delivery, agreed value & time that add on to term ‘Quality” which is possible through data analysis.

Generally, the which means of ‘Quality’ differs depending upon circumstances & perceptions.

Ex: Customer may buy clothes from ‘Soch’ Brand & not from ‘Westside’ brand wherever both brands have same quality. however, it’s customers perception that ‘Soch’ brand has good quality of clothes.

Sometimes ‘Quality” is additionally time based or situational.

Ex: One among the client invariably prefers to buy mobile from Amazon. However, this time the stock got over & client need immediately & he got from Flipkart which is time & situational based.

In above three examples, statistical data analysis is a proven way for organizations and enterprises to gain the information they need to make better decisions, serve their customers, and increase productivity and revenue. The benefits of data analysis to improve quality are almost too numerous to count, and some of the most rewarding benefits of data analysis include getting the right information for your business, creating more effective marketing campaigns, gaining a better understanding of customers, and so on. To know the market trend or client behavior on can choose Minitab-18 Statistical data analysis software which has all the tools you need to effectively analyze your data. Minitab-18 helps you find meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems.

To improve quality of the service/product there are different mythologies like TQM, Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5s etc., that are developed by researchers or individual statisticians over the period of time & are used everywhere from manufactures to service industries where they often use Minitab-18 statistical data analysis software as a complementary package of implementation in these methodologies.

Minitab Inc. (www.minitab.com) provides quality improvement software to more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies.

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“This workshop is a good awareness program of Minitab software in utilizing it for data analysis and interpretation for decision making at the management level. Hands on training is a good tool for training beginners” 
-  Vincent, Sr. Research Associate,
 ITC Limited


“Minitab is very good tool for pharmaceutical sector for statistics. Ultimate solution for process capability”
- Nisha T Thomas, Dy. Manager ,
 Adcock Ingram


“The training session was very helpful to understand the usage of Minitab in Pharma field”
- Damodhara, AGM,
 Kemwell Biopharma Pvt Ltd


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