Real-Time SPC

Real-Time Statistical Process Control - For Measurable Results

We help you build a Quality Hub for Actionable Intelligence at the Shop-floor, integrating Proficient - the Real-Time SPC platform by InfinityQS.

Manufacturers can take control of their Quality Management & make strategic Business Decisions to Ensure Quality, Improve Productivity & Enhance Profits.

Collect and integrate data from virtually any source 
Collect from data sources such as electronic gages, TCP/IP and PLC data streams, CMMs, file generation devices, and link with other software products commonly found on the manufacturing floor such as MES, ERP, etc...

Provide real-time monitoring of quality data
Get real-time visibility of quality data via ProFicient charts and dashboards. Enable staff to stay in front of any quality-related problems for more timely and less costly corrective actions.

Automate event tracking, information sharing and reminders
As data streams into ProFicient, ensure your team takes action at the right time and that critical information gets communicated to appropriate individuals. Complete traceability and accountability occurs with reminders, timers and alerts.

Advanced reporting Suite to Gain better visibility and improve decision-making
Generate and distribute reports ‘on-the-fly’ or based on a schedule to provide the manufacturing intelligence needed to ensure process control, to meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements and to continually improve quality.

Unified Data repository to implement and manage SPC software database easily.
Unify all of your quality data into a single, easily maintained quality hub. Centralize information from across your plant, region and even suppliers.

Solve the most complex challenges that prevent Manufacturers achieving the quality goals.

Overwhelmed Shop Floor
Implement an operator-friendly system that replaces tedious paper-based quality checks and features automated reminders and alerts that interfaces directly with most shop floor gages.

Delayed Improvement Cycles
Gain understanding of where the pain points in your manufacturing processes are and how to fix them by centralizing your data and analyzing it at the shop floor, plant and enterprise levels.

Incomplete Plant View
Gain consistency across your plant by enabling real-time data collection on all of your lines to allow for consistent comparative reporting that will help you identify performance gaps.

Traceability Hurdles
Utilize proven features like lot genealogy to reduce time isolating bad product, determining best source materials and easily providing documentation for customers and compliance.

No Global Visibility
Achieve synergy in your organization by using a global quality hub that helps standardize data and processes throughout your plants, across time zones and continents, allowing for unified analysis.

Supplier Quality Visibility
Minimize unnecessary time and inventory costs across the supply chain by having visibility into what your suppliers are shipping before it arrives by integrating their data into your quality system.