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Essentials for Manufacturing Quality - Data Driven Concepts and Tools

One day Introductory Workshop.

Date & Time:  6th Dec, 2017 | 08:30AM - 04:30PM.

Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Achieving & Sustaining Excellence requires Problem solving & Decision making, that's Data Driven &
not based on Intuition.Data Driven Initiatives helps a Manufacturing Organization to;

  • Predict future demands
  • Establish Capable & Robust process
  • Develop New Product
  • Improve Product’s & Process Quality
  • Reduce Wastage
  • Streamline Process
  • Enhance Customer’s Experience
  • Enhance Reputation & Brand Value
  • Reduce non-value-added activities, …… etc

About Workshop

This one-day Introductory Workshop is specially designed, for attendees to understand the basics of Data Analysis, to drive improvement initiatives for achieving Quality & Excellence across all departments, in a Manufacturing Organization.

Who Should attend?

Key Representatives from all Departments of a Manufacturing Organization, like Production, Administration, Warehousing, Supply Chain, QA, QC, R & D, etc , with adequate knowledge of their respective processes

Workshop Structure

Discussion on concepts to introduce selected topics as mentioned above

Hands on Session with relevant examples

Key Topics Covered

  • Best Practices Worldwide
  • Data Preparation for Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Management
  • Forecasting

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Participants Feedback on our Workshops

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Participant's Testimonial

“Much impressed with interaction & method of workshop.”
- P Gurumoorthi,
PHA India Pvt Ltd


“Workshop was good. Organize workshop for more than 1 day, since time is not sufficient. Also need few sessions on DOE and advance tools to use”

-  Dinesh Kumar S,
Par Formulations


“Course duration can be two days instead of one day. Trainer knowledge on subject is good"
- D Ravichandran,
Stride Shasun


“As this is my 1st session for data trending, it helped a lot. Thanks a lot”
- Chandrasekar,
Stride Shasun


“Good experience but just timing is less to cover full portion”
- Vinoth Kumar T,
PHA India Pvt Ltd


“Presentation and deliverables are understandable. Content are useful for daily activities”
- Balaji P,
Stride Shasun


“Understood how to use Minitab and apply the data’s in various type of tools”
- R Rajeshkannan,
TVS Sundaram Industries Pvt Ltd