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Improving Manufacturing Processes (Minitab 18 Statistical Software)

Courses: Statistical Quality Analysis and Factorial Designs

Statistical Quality Analysis


About Training

Develop the necessary skills to successfully evaluate and certify manufacturing and engineering measurement systems. Learn the basic fundamentals of statistical process control and how these important quality tools can provide the necessary evidence to improve and control manufacturing processes. Develop the skills to know when and where to use the various types of control charts available in Minitab for your own processes.

Learn how to utilize important capability analysis tools to evaluate your processes relative to internal and customer specifications. The course emphasis is placed on teaching quality tools as they relate to manufacturing processes.

Topics include

  • Gage R&R
  • Destructive Testing
  • Gage Linearity and Bias
  • Attribute Agreement
  • Variables and Attribute Control Charts
  • Capability Analysis for Normal,
    Nonnormal, and Attribute Data

Prerequisite: Minitab Essentials

Factorial Designs


About Training

Learn to generate a variety of full and fractional factorial designs using Minitab’s intuitive DOE interface. Real-world applications demonstrate how the concepts of randomization, replication, and blocking form the basis for sound experimentation practices. Develop the skills necessary to correctly analyze resulting data to effectively and efficiently reach experimental objectives.

Use Minitab’s customizable and powerful graphical displays to interpret and communicate experimental results to improve products and processes, find critical factors that impact important response variables, reduce process variation, and expedite research and development projects.

Topics include

  • Design of Factorial Experiments
  • Normal Effects Plot and Pareto of Effects
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Main Effect, Interaction, and Cube Plots
  • Center Points
  • Overlaid Contour Plots
  • Multiple Response Optimization

Prerequisite: Minitab Essentials

Jan - June, 2019 Schedule:



11th & 12th Apr

Delhi - Radisson Blu Hotel

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Participant's Testimonial

“A Very good training session on basics of Minitab 18 , will always help to address problems in systematic way”

-  Arun Johny, R & D & CTS Engineer,
Ball Aerocan India Pvt Ltd


“Very good Training on Minitab 18 , one should take benefit & can effectively work towards process performance improvement by reducing variation"
- Jayakumar Bhendawade, Lead Engineer,
Aerostructures Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd


“Minitab is the best application for most of the statistical analysis that is required for an Industry , all under one Umbrella”
- U Nagaraj, General Manager,
Micropack Pvt  Ltd


“Training is very useful to deal with different types of data from our manufacturing process & we learnt how to analyze these data to improve process”
- Mahesh Malakapure, Lead Engineer - QA,
Aerostructures Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd


“This Training was as per requirement & trainer’s interpretation was very good. Examples  cited during training was relevant”
- Jagadeesh Tuppad, Engineer,
Aequs Pvt Ltd


“This program is a great help to all who want to do Data Analysis using Minitab 18”
- Amit Gaur, Dy. Manager – QA,
Sage Metals  Pvt Ltd


“Excellent session, learnt many things. Tools taught  will certainly help in our day to day work”
- Vibhanshu Bhardwaj, Manager – QA,
Secure Meters