Automation Anywhere - Community Edition

During COVID-19, we have seen the community come together. Check out these free RPA bots we are offering to help your business navigate these difficult times.

Instantly start your RPA journey with the FREE Community Edition, the only platform that gives you a complete Digital Workforce Platform package, all on the web:

With Community Edition, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our latest Enterprise A2019 platform for free**:

From small businesses* and developers to small teams and students, Community Edition provides everyone with free access to RPA courses on Automation Anywhere University and support from the world’s largest RPA community, A-People.

NB – *An organization is considered a ‘small business’ only if: 1) your organization has less than 250 machines (physical or virtual), 2) your organization has less than 250 users or 3) your organization has less than $5 million US in annual revenue. If your organization exceeds any one (1) of the three (3) examples above, your organization is not considered a small business. A small business, including its affiliates, may only use the Community Edition on no more than five (5) machines within the organization and small business may only process/upload up to 100 pages per month with IQ Bot.

** Free for small businesses, developers, and students only

Get Started With RPA Technology

What is robotic process automation? What defines the Digital Workforce? How do you design an RPA implementation? Asking the big automation strategy questions is what we do-so you can hit the ground running. Don’t be afraid to play. Try RPA for free, and before the end of business today you can run your first bot.

Building an RPA business case? Looking for other use cases? Automation Anywhere’s A+ RPA experts are ready and waiting to create a POC with you.