ProFicient™, the leading real-time SPC solution, provides a comprehensive array of tools so you can better understand the performance and capability of your vital manufacturing processes. Regardless of your industry and the products you produce, ProFicient can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data they need to assess current operations and take appropriate proactive or remedial steps to maintain product quality, avoid costly scrap, and meet production goals. The software includes an extensive set of features that help you take control of quality at each point of the manufacturing process.

Uncover the features of ProFicient Software

Deploying ProFicient: On Premises or On Demand

Find the right option for you

ProFicient on Premises

ProFicient on Premises works as a standard, locally installed, per-license deployment. With an on-premises software deployment, you benefit from the ability to:

ProFicient on Demand

ProFicient on Demand offers flexible, scalable SPC software hosted in the cloud. With an on-demand software deployment, you benefit from the ability to:



Simplified Data Collection and Access

Manufacturing floor interfaces and universal data collectors support manual, automated, semi-automated, and mobile quality data acquisition. ProFicient enables access to a variety of databases, sites, and suppliers.


Flexible Monitoring and Analysis

ProFicient supports real-time monitoring for immediate identification of quality problems. Control charts and dashboards are automatically updated in real time for optimized operations and reporting.


Workflow Management

Regulatory and business obligations require a standardized approach. ProFicient enables simplified data collection and automatic warnings and notifications to alert operators of issues.


Advanced Reporting

Use ProFicient’s dashboard view of KPIs and metrics to identify areas of waste, hidden costs, and opportunities for improvement. Slice and dice data across your business for strategic insights that can transform your operations and product quality.

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