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Minitab on the cloud

Minitab Statistical Software delivers business and predictive analytics with effective visualizations which help you to solve your toughest business problems. Everyone in an organisation, regardless of statistical background, is empowered when they have access to easy to use analysis tools. With Minitab, enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration, whether you are accessing Minitab on a desktop or Minitab on the cloud.


With our latest improvisation on features with predictive analytics, enable you to make a better data-driven decision and eliminate unnecessary costs. Minitab now on both your desktop and on the cloud.


Uncover the deep insights into your process data, faster with performance enhancements in model validation & prediction accuracy. Securely access & share your analyses in real-time for fast decision-making with Minitab on the cloud.


With the help of Minitab’s Assistant, you can do analysis easily. Moreover, with our new open-source Python integration make it easier to collaborate with data scientists and extend your analytical capabilities.


Gain access to data analysis from anywhere with Minitab on the cloud. Complete analyses from nearly any device and find insights whether you’re in the office, at home or halfway around the world.


Better Decisions

Dive deep in your data with our advanced analytics tools. Minitab is now available in both the desktop app as well as on the cloud. Enhance your decision-making capabilities, eliminate unnecessary costs and achieve better results. Classification and Regression Trees (CART®) is one of the popular tools used in Machine Learning is available in Minitab on the cloud and desktop app.

Faster Collaboration

Now with Minitab on the cloud, collaborate with your team with never like before. Share your analyses result, also create custom reports and share with your team on a real-time basis. Faster collaboration with Minitab on the cloud.

MSS Report

Easier Visualisations

Make your data visualisation impactful with latest Minitab release. With right visualisations, make your insights, even easier to understand and interpret. Popular visualisation tools like binned scatterplots, parallel plots and heatmaps have been added to Minitab. 

Accessible Anywhere

Analyse your data from anywhere. Minitab is now available both on desktop and cloud-enabled web app. Access Minitab software from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, at home or anywhere.

Minitab on the cloud

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Minitab Statistical Software is a choice for Statisticians – for its Versatility & Customisation capabilities, as well as for Non – Statisticians for its Ease of Use & world-class Resources. Minitab on the cloud & Python integration. Minitab statistical software is also known as SPC Software, DOE Software and Business analytics software. Python Integration in Minitab. Our Minitab Customer Support team is the best place to reach out for any query you may have – Where to buy Minitab Software India, how to evaluate Minitab Products, who can help with Minitab Customisation, Minitab for Education in India, Minitab Macros, what is Minitab Pricing model in India, clarity on Minitab Licencing, interested in Minitab Reselling etc. Python Integration in Minitab.

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