Minitab Assistant

Minitab’s Assistant is a built-in interactive feature that guides you through your entire analysis and even helps you interpret and present results.

Minitab Assistant

Choose the right tool

Work through an interactive decision tree to pick the correct statistical tool.

Analyze data correctly

Follow clear guidelines to ensure your analysis is effective. Get results quickly using simplified dialogs.

Act with confidence

Easily interpret your finding with detailed reports that are simple to understand and export.

Pick the appropriate statistical tool

Minitab Assistant

Step by step guidance

An interactive decision tree leads you to the right statistical tool by posing a series of questions you need to answer, such as the type of data you’re working with and the objective of your analysis.

Expert support

When you face a question you can’t answer, the Assistant provides the information you need to respond correctly, such as the definitions of important terms and illustrated examples that help you understand how the question relates to your own data.

Minitab Assistant

Interpret your results with confidence

The Assistant provides a series of reports that help you understand your analysis. 

Clear graphs and concise results give you the insight you need to make decisions you can trust.

Minitab Assistant

Summary Report

Summary Reports help you draw the correct conclusions and explain why. They illustrate the answers to important questions, and include comments that give your analysis context and meaning.

Diagnostic Report

Diagnostic Reports help you further understand your analysis by providing additional detail, such as outliers you should explore and the chance of detecting a significant difference.

Minitab Assistant
Minitab Assistant

Report Card

Report Cards verify your analysis by providing assumption checks and identifying any concerns you should be aware of, such as unusual data points and issues with normality and sample size.

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