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The complete statistical software package.

Better decision making. Faster performance. Easier than ever.

Minitab 19 is easy to use and can be utilized interactively to provide data manipulation and statistical analysis for data sets. It delivers visualizations, statistical analysis, predictive and improvement analytics to enable data-driven decision making. Thus, it makes easier to analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems.

First-time users of Minitab 19 can get the help of Assistant menu, which guides one to go through the analysis and even helps to interpret the results. ‘Help’ menu will guide you through methods & formulas. It also has sample data which one can use for learning purpose. You can customize tool templates to meet the specific needs of your organization.

MINITAB 19 delivers on our commitment to make analyses better, faster and easier - no matter where you are on your analytics journey.


With improvisation on features, now you can make better decision-making in an efficient way. ​


Performance enhancements – Faster to analyze a large amount of data. Uncover the insights in your process data, faster.


Easier than ever. With the help of Minitab’s Assitant, you can do analysis easily. Our Technical support team and training programs are available to help in your Analytics Journey. 

Perform your Minitab data analysis in an easier and faster way

Now available on both the versions – 32 bit or 64 bit.

Faster results due to the enhancements on algorithms.

When a dataset is edit or adds up, automatically update the results and visualizations.

User-friendly access to the command line which makes automate routine analysis convenient.

Tabbed Worksheets – Quickly work with your data. Available in tabs along the bottom of the application.

Output Pane – A better view of your results. The Output Pane replaces the Session Window Graphs and statistical results are displayed together.

Navigator – Manage and organize your projects with the flexibility you need.

Split View – Quickly and easily, compare results. Side-by-side evaluations make it easy to compare analyses.

Correlation matrix plot – Correlations now include a Matrix Plot. Investigate variable dependency.

Regression (Pareto of Effects) – Regression now includes a Pareto to show significant effects. Clearly visualize your results.

Model selection criteria – Modeling Improvement, ‘Forward information criteria’ is now available in Stepwise approach. 

AICc : Akaike’s Information Criteria

BIC : Bayesian Information Criteria

Binary Response for Design of Experiments – Easily analyze response data when you have a binary response (e.g. good/bad).

Also includes : Factorial, Screening and Response Surface Designs.

Capability Analysis Confidence Intervals –

− Provide Confidence intervals for Expected Overall PPM < LSL, PPM > USL, PPM Total

− Provided Confidence intervals for Expected Within PPM < LSL, PPM > USL, PPM Total (For CAPA and MCAPA commands only)

− Allowed Two-sided and One-sided options for Confidence Intervals

− Added a global option to display PPM or %, and to display CI’s

Resampling-Bootstrapping/Randomization Test –

Calculate Confidence Intervals and perform Hypothesis tests for statistics without distribution assumptions.

Graph Editing and Brushing Improvements – Graph editing available in the context menu. Brushing is more discoverable.

Menu Improvements – ‎​The Editor, Tools and Window menus were removed. File menu additions: Each of these are now located under File menu:

− Options

− Related Documents

− Manage Profiles

− File Security

− Run an Exec

New View menu – Easily access what you need.

− Navigator, Data and Output views

− Replaces elements of the removed Tools Menu-Toolbars and Customize

− Command Line/History access

Easier macro creation – Command Line and History in a single pane for easier macro creation.

New file format – New File Format requires new file extensions.

− Projects: .MPJ to .MPX

− Worksheets: .MTW to .MWX

− Minitab 19 can open file from Minitab 18, Minitab 17 & Minitab 16

Now available in 64 bit –

− Minitab 19 results return at least twice as fast compared to Minitab 18

− Excel files open faster in Minitab 19

− Graphs render 5 times faster in Minitab 19 compared to Minitab 18

Qsutra® is the Sole Authorised Minitab Reseller for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh. Qsutra® is Certified MINITAB partner and provide Minitab Training & Technical Support Services.

We have been working very closely with hundreds of organisations for Integrating Minitab products into their Improvement initiatives like Six SigmaLeanSPC, Kaizen, TQM, QbD, CMMI etc. or their own methodologies.

Minitab is the Software of choice for Statisticians – for its Versatility & Customisation capabilities, as well as for Non – Statisticians for its Ease of Use & world-class Resources.

Our Minitab Customer Support team is the best place to reach out for any query you may have – Where to buy Minitab Software, how to evaluate Minitab Products, who can help with Minitab Customisation, Minitab for Education, Minitab Macros, what is Minitab Pricing model, clarity on Minitab Licencing, interested in Minitab Reselling etc.

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