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Masterclass in
Statistical Thinking
For Decision Makers

For SMART Managerial Decisions & Problem Solving


Build a Strong Practice in the Application of Statistical Thinking and Develop a Robust Data Driven Approach to deal with day-2-day Business & Professional Scenarios

Program Scope:

Masterclass in Statistical Thinking Covers the Concepts & Principles of Statistics Thinking, that are critical to Effective Decision Making and Judgements, specially in the face of Risks & Opportunities.

These concepts power Business Analytics & Data Science, which are becoming pivotal for an organisations sustenance, in the increasingly challenging environment we exist in.

Managers and Process Owners must equip themselves with these skill to continue adding value to their organisations.


None on Statistics, as this course starts right from the very Basics. ***


  • Participants must be Full-time Employed with / Owning a registered Business Organisation. 
  • Must have sufficient understanding of their respective Business Processes ( To relate with concepts & participate successfully ).

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