Qsutra Associates Program

Let Us Together Make an Impact and Drive a Change Towards Organisational Excellence

Qsutra Associates Program is an integrated approach to collaborate with all the Industry Experts and Consultants. Industry Experts can be from the various industry verticals like automotive, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, healthcare, banking & finance, general manufacturing, etc. Similarly, Consultants can be from any domains like quality, business excellence, operations, analytics, automation, sales & marketing, strategy, etc. Let us bring together the mixture of strategy, operations, transformation and analytics for improvement across all industries.

Through this Qsutra Associates Program, We would like to collaborate with all the Associates and blend all the expertise into one Robust Solution to achieve Organisational Excellence. There are numerous solutions & services we provide, associates with us and utilise your knowledge & experiences for an innovative change towards the organisation’s growth.

With great Passion and Commitment to Organisational Excellence, we serve organisations across all Manufacturing & Services Industries in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe & countries in the Middle-East.

Our Solutions & Services


Enterprise Decisions Management

Make Data-Driven Decisions, Better ROI and Drive Towards Organisational Excellence.


Enterprise Information Management

Better Information Management System, Increase Business Performance and Reduce Risks.


Digital Process Automation

Drive Digital Transformation, Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Productivity.


Business Consulting

Implementation of Best Practices, Real-Time Analytics Framework Deployment & Better ROI.


Enterprise Quality Management

Meet Industry Standards, Boost Organisational Performance...


Business Analytics

Gain Deepest Insights, Boost Organisational Performance and Make Data-Driven Decisions.

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