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Our Business Consulting services focus on identifying the most critical issues and search for opportunities for improvement in an organisation. We bring the mixture of strategy, operations, transformation and analytics for improvement across all industries. Through our Business Consulting and Services, we help set your organisation in the right direction. We provide various types of Business consulting services viz. Business Analytics, Digital Process Automation, Real-Time Analytics and Statistical consulting in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe & the Middle-East.

Our Consultants are particularly good at applying the best practices to identify and solve a wide range of business problems for your organisation. Through the best approach, we can bring a range of great ideas and possibilities for an organisation “who are looking for a change”. We are the Leading Business Consulting Firm and We have already been instrumental in either securing or saving organisations costs in the process of providing such business consulting services viz. Business Analytics, Digital Process Automation, Real-Time Analytics and Statistical consulting in India and abroad. Kindly reach to us to know more on our Business Consulting and Services.

Our Business Consulting Services

Expert Consultants

Our Consultants are highly regarded professionals with diverse experience across all industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, hospitality and financial services.

Personalised Support

Our Consultants provide flexible, one-on-one support and work closely with you to understand your business challenges. We can analyse & interpret your data for you, or involve you at every step to develop a data-driven solution together.

Specific Areas in Business Consulting and Services

Data Analytics

Unleash the power of data by using Data Analytics. We will help you to implement the Data Analytics process like importing data from various sources, data cleaning, data transformation, apply techniques to get insights into your process and many more. Improve your process by finding new opportunities in an organisation.

Business Analytics

Enhance your business performance by successfully implementing Business Analytics in your business process. It is applicable in all the department of an organisation viz. manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing, production, R&D and so on. Our expertise lies in developing the top Business Analytics Frameworks using the latest analytics software and approaches.

Analytics Automation

Automate your commonly used Analytics methods in your process. By implementing Analytics Automation, speed up your analytical process and analyse the large chunk of data in a few seconds or minutes. We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Analytics & Digital Process Automation.

Achieve the highest level of business excellence with effective Data Visualization tools. Upon successful implementation of Business Intelligence methodologies, decision-makers can make a wide range of business decisions easily, starting from product development to deployment and so forth. View and monitor your process performance in a real-time online dashboard. Moreover, we will also help you to prepare documents for reporting purpose.

Quality Control

We will ensure that your process and product quality are maintained as per the Industry Standards. We will guide you, to maintain product quality parameters as per customer requirements, inspection procedure and so forth. We will help you to implement widely used QC Approaches viz. Statistical Quality Control, Design of Experiment, Total Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma, etc.

Statistical Analytics

Harness the power of data by applying Statistical Analytics techniques and get the deepest insights into your process. We will guide you "How to implement popular statistical analytics tools to improve your process efficiency and productivity?" Widely used tools in the industry are Statistical Process Control, Measurement System Analysis, Reliability, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, etc. Reach us to know more about Statistical Consulting in India and services.

Transform your business process by using Big Data Analytics. As we all know Big data is trending briskly in the last few years. Data is generated in various forms like Structured, Unstructured and Semi-structured. Since we are generating a large chunk of data and store in different databases, we want to extract some useful information from this large dataset to make data-driven decisions. We help an organisation to develop Big Data Analytics Frameworks/Modules. We used big data in various analytics approaches like Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics which will help us to reduce costs, smarter decision making, increased profits, new product development, etc. Big data analytics are used in various sectors like banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc.

HR Analytics

Use a data-driven approach to maintain Human Resources in your organisation. Enhance your hiring process and other core functions (performance management, training, and development) by applying HR Analytics. By applying HR Analytics, we can make data-driven decisions related to human capital within the organisation and know good ROI.

Customer Analytics

To run a successful business, it is always important to know customers insight or say behaviour, for that Customer Analytics help to a great extent. When we know customers lifestyle preference, response rate, buying habits, we can pitch relevant products and services at the right time. We help the organisation to implement various Customer Analytics Framework and thus they can make data-driven decisions.

Financial Analytics

Managing financial data is always a hectic task in an organisation. It comes with great responsibility and must make the right decision in many critical situations. With the applications of Financial Analytics, we can get insights to the past and present business performance, strategic financial planning to leverage the business, forecast the organisational growth, manage the investment, cash flow management and many more. We help your organisation to leverage the power of Financial Analytics and visualize it in different business aspects.

Supply Chain Analytics

Use a data-driven approach to maintain supply chain resources in your organisation. With proper implementation of Supply Chain Analytics Modules, an organisation can enhance operational efficiency, inventory management, growth in revenues, customer engagement, cost reduction and better inventory overview. Optimise the whole Supply Chain process with our Analytics Modules.

Quality Analytics

Quality is always a topmost priority in an organisation. Implement Quality Analytics Frameworks to know whether your process is meeting quality parameters or not, get insights into your process, identify areas, or find new opportunities for process improvement and so forth. Reach us to know more about Statistical Consulting in India and services. Quality Analytics helps us to maintain quality of process and product, achieve target specifications, detect variation in a process and know the root causes.

Manufacturing Analytics

Use the power of Analytics to improve your manufacturing process. Manufacturing Analytics will help you to enhance in areas like production, supplier quality evaluation, manage inventory, logistics overview and customer management. Mostly, it focused on "How to improve manufacturing process?", "Which areas to prioritize for process improvement?", "How to predict future process outputs by using past data?" and so forth. Reach us to know more about Statistical Consulting in India and services. We help an organisation to reduce costs, enhance efficiency & productivity, minimise risks, optimal utilisation of resources, etc. with proper implementation of Analytics Frameworks.

How can our Consultants help your Organisation to achieve Business Excellence?

We can help your Organisation to meet any Business Process Challenges

We also conduct various training programs – Statistical Training and Minitab Software Training. Statistical training starts with basic level to advanced level. Some of the Statistical training certified courses are Predictive Analytics Masterclass, Essential Statistics For Business Analytics, SPC Masterclass, DOE Masterclass, etc. Now coming to Minitab software training, starts with basic to advanced level. Some of the Minitab software training certified courses are Minitab Essentials, Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Quality Analysis & Factorial Designs, etc.

Qsutra® is the Authorised Partner for Automation Anywhere Inc., we also provide various solutions and services related to Digital Process Automation. You may visit our page “Automation Anywhere” to know more about Automation solutions and services.

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