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Complimentary resources to help you deal quickly with today’s challenges like bullwhip effect of the supply chain, quality management, cost reduction initiatives, etc.

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing process plays an important role in organisational growth and development. It begins with the designing of the product, materials requirement, specification and to the final output.
Healthcare Quality & Excellence

Service Excellence

Service industry has been an integral part of our life. They provide services which are essential to us, like healthcare, airlines, finance, hospitality, retail, insurance, e-commerce and so on.
Business Analysis & Consulting

Organisational Excellence

We blend Strategy, Enablement and Analytics, for desired transformation across all departments. Through our Done-With-You model of consulting, we adapt & support to your organisational vision & mission.

Now with CART ®

Powerful Statistical Software Everyone Can Use

Predict. Visualize, analyze and harness the power of your data to solve your toughest business problems and eliminate costs and mistakes before they happen.




Visual Tools to Ensure Process and Product Excellence

Discover. Elevate your work with the ultimate toolkit to clearly visualize, optimize and map your business value better than ever before.





Business Analytics Training & Workshops

Trainings & Workshops

Learn & Build your expertise to easily perform Statistical Data Analytics & gain valuable insights to Improve the quality of your products and services. Our courses are guided by highly experienced Industry statisticians and available as Public as well as Onsite programs.

What We do

  • Minitab Authorised Training Courses
  • Qsutra Certified Courses
  • Workshops

Upcoming Programs

Minitab Certified Courses

Minitab Essentials

  • Manufacturing
  • 4 Days

Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals

  • Manufacturing
  • 8 Days

Minitab Essentials for Service Quality

  • Service
  • 4 Days

Minitab Essentials for Healthcare

  • Service
  • 4 Days

Qsutra certified Foundation Courses

Application of Essential Quality Tools for Manufacturing Process Excellence

  • Manufacturing
  • 2 Days

Application of Essential Quality Tools for Service Process Excellence

  • Service
  • 2 Days

Application of Essential Quality Tools for Healthcare Process Excellence

  • Healthcare
  • 2 Days

Qsutra certified advanced Courses

Masterclass in Statistical Thinking For Decision Makers

  • General
  • 5 Days

SPC Masterclass For Manufacturing Excellence

  • Manufacturing
  • 6 Days

DOE Masterclass Certification
For Pharma & Life Science

  • Manufacturing
  • 2 Weeks

Predictive Analytics Masterclass

  • General
  • 2 Weeks


  • to be notified soon
  • Hyderabad
  • 23rd - 24th Nov 2019
  • Bangalore
  • 22nd - 23rd Nov 2019
  • Ahmedabad


  • 17th & 24th August 2020
  • Zoom Online
  • 3rd, 10th, 12th & 19th August 2020
  • Zoom Online
  • 29th August 2020
  • Zoom Online

Knowledge base

Statistics present facts in a simple form, reduce the complexity of data, facilities comparison, helps in forecasting and to draw the inference. It has led to a small application to Big Data Analytics.

Data Science is one of the emerging and fast-growing areas in the present era of Analytics. Understand more about the applications of Data Science in this data-centric world.

Today with the advancement of science and technology, Automation can be found in various industrial verticals like manufacturing, production, healthcare, banking, R&D, logistics, etc.

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