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Accelerate your Digital Transformation by Deploying our Top Solutions Framework in your Business Process.


Enterprise Decision Management

Make Data-Driven Decisions, Better ROI and Drive Towards Organisational Excellence.


Product Lifecycle Management

Manage the Whole Product Ecosystem. Drive Faster Innovations and Better ROI.


Digital Process Automation

Drive Digital Transformation, Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Productivity.


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Minitab on the Cloud, Boosted Predictive Analytics, Healthcare Module, Exclusive Discount on Certified Minitab Training & many more compelling reasons.

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Business Analytics Outsourcing

Accelerate Business Growth and Outcomes with Analytics Outsourcing. Our other Prominent Services include Business Consulting, Statistical & Analytics Consulting. Reach to us to have a Discovery Session!

Healthcare Module

Tackle challenges in healthcare with Minitab’s Healthcare Module, our guided data analysis tool made for healthcare professionals.


(New Release)

Our New Solution For Innovation, Idea Management And Operational Excellence.

Trainings & Workshops

Learn & Build your expertise to easily perform Statistical Data Analytics & gain valuable insights to Improve the quality of your Products and Services. Our courses are guided by highly experienced Industry statisticians and available as Public as well as Onsite programs.


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Technology Partners

Through our Technology Partnerships, We deliver best-in-class Solutions and Services to our Customers.

Technology Partners

Through our Technology Partnerships, We deliver best-in-class Solutions and Services to our Customers.

Upcoming Programs

We deliver High-class Training, applicable across all the Departments and helps you to solve your toughest Business Challenges.

Minitab Certified Courses

Minitab Essentials + Essential Stats for
Business Analytics
Minitab Advanced + Advanced Stats for
Business Analytics
Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals + Stats for
Pharma Analytics

Qsutra Certified Courses

Predictive Analytics Masterclass
Essential Statistics For Business Analytics
DOE Masterclass For QbD
In Pharma & Life Sciences
ADVANCED MSA For Manufacturing Excellence

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The Blog

What role do t-tests play in Pharmaceutical Processes? When can we apply it?

First of all, I would like to set the concept of hypothesis testing then we will move step by step to the agenda….

How Data Science can help to Improve the present Healthcare Scenarios?

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What are the Quality Tools Available in Minitab?

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Knowledge Base



Statistics present facts in a simple form, reduce the complexity of data, facilities comparison, helps in forecasting and to draw the inference. It has led to a small application to Big Data Analytics.


Data Science

Data Science is one of the emerging and fast-growing areas in the present era of Analytics. Understand more about the applications of Data Science in this data-centric world.



Today with the advancement of science and technology, Automation can be found in various industrial verticals like Manufacturing, Production, Healthcare, Banking, R&D, Logistics, etc.

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