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Predictive Analytics Masterclass

1 Week Global Certification Program

Expert Instructor-Led, Live Online Exclusive Training Program


Future-Proof Professional Skill - For Anybody,
Doing Anything with Analytics, in Manufacturing or Service Domain.
Learn to See Patterns & Deep Insights & Make Meaning for Smart Decision Making.
With or Without Programming Knowledge. Contribute More for your Organisations Success.


In this 1 Week Intensive Predictive Analytics Masterclass Training Program, attendees will learn in-depth concepts of Advanced Statistical & Machine Learning Concepts required for Prediction and Forecasting.

Program Scope:

Predictive Analytics Masterclass Covers the Advanced Level Concepts & Tools for Prediction and Forecasting.

Predictive Analytics Training Course covers one of the popular Predictive Analytics Tools, CART, used for Prediction and Forecasting. (CART – Classification and Regression Trees).


Participants Must have working knowledge of – Data Types, Descriptive Statistics (Central Tendencies, Dispersion), Inferential Statistics (t – test, ANOVA). And Participants must have sufficient knowledge of their respective work processes, to be able to relate with the concepts being covered & participate successfully in the Assessments & Activities.


Duration :



Who should attend Predictive Analytics Masterclass?

Business Analysts, Research Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Data Scientists,
Data Analysts, Quality Analysts, Business Process Owners, in Manufacturing and Service Industries.

Certification Process

Attend Our Live
Online Training

Active Participation in Class Activities


Submit Post-Class Assignment

Upcoming Training Schedule

Exclusive Program Only

IMP Note: For a Group of 10+ Participants, we schedule an exclusive program, on a mutually convenient date & time.
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