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SPC Masterclass
For Manufacturing Excellence

3 days’ Advanced Level Certification, Public Program for Key Manufacturing Process Owners and Team Members


About Program


In this 3 days’ intensive Training participants will learn in-depth application of Statistical Process Control concepts & techniques to achieve Manufacturing Process Excellence

Program Scope:

Will cover the Concepts of Statistical methods to


Participants Must have working knowledge of – Data Types, Descriptive Statistics (Central Tendencies, Dispersion), Inferential Statistics (t – test, ANOVA). And Participants must have sufficient knowledge of their respective work processes, to be able to relate with the concepts being covered & participate successfully in the Assessments & Activities.


Who should attend SPC Masterclass?

Decision Makers, Key Process Owners & their core team members from following departments of any Manufacturing industry

Certification Process

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Classroom Training

Active Participation in Class Activities


Submit Post-Class Project Assignment

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Seats are limited & Reserved on first come first serve basis. Rights of Confirmations reserved.