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Qsutra is an Authorised Minitab Reseller, Certified Minitab Training & Technical Support Provider

Minitab offers Software & Services for Operational Excellence, Quality Improvement & Statistics Education 

Thousands of companies in so many diverse industries, use Minitab Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab, Quality Trainer to uncover flaws in their processes and improve them. And educators in more than 4,000 colleges and universities use Minitab Statistical Software to teach their students the power of data analysis.

Minitab’s affordability, usability and top-notch data analysis capabilities make the software invaluable.

Minitab is also widely known for providing the industry’s best customer service, including outstanding training and free, unlimited technical support.

Qsutra™ has been fully enabled by Minitab Inc, to provide all kinds of Support & Services to its customers. Expect the highest level of our commitment and attention to your Minitab related needs.

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Complete Statistical Software Package for data analysis

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minitab support in inida

Tools and reporting to ensure process and product excellence

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Quality Trainer teaches you how to analyze your data anytime you are online

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Minitab 18 for Education

Minitab 18 offers a complete set of statistics in a user-friendly design that makes it easy for students of all levels including student pursuing degrees outside of statistics. Minitab is equally useful for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in statistics as well as students in other fields where data analysis is required.

When so many companies in so many diverse industries trust Minitab for data analysis it is easy for dedicated educators to trust Minitab when teaching who will enter those industries in the future.

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Case Studies

Discover how Minitab customers achieve success


Delivering the Perfect Crayon

Crayola transformed the way it does business, enabling the company to concentrate its resources where they have the greatest impact.

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Serious about Patient Safety

Akron Children’s Hospital used Minitab to minimize the risk of serious safety events for babies born prematurely.

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A Flawless Launch

Ford used Minitab to find a solution when a defect jeopardized the success of a new vehicle launch.

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