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Open Modules & Integration PRECISE Enterprise Information Management

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Our expertise lies in delivering the PRECISE EIM Framework solutions using the latest software and approaches. Our solutions include all of the important features required for Top Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Deployments, ready to help you get organized in the most efficient and cost-effective way. PRECISE EIM supports all file formats, comprehensive security, version revision, efficient workflow, notification services, retention policies, audit trail, comprehensive search included and so forth. We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Enterprise Information Management.

We also conduct various training programs - Statistical Training and Minitab Software Training. Statistical training starts with basic level to advanced level. Some of the Statistical training certified courses are Application of Essential Quality Tools, Masterclass in Statistical Thinking, SPC Masterclass, DOE Masterclass, etc. Now coming to Minitab software training, starts with basic to advanced level. Some of the Minitab software training certified courses are Minitab Essentials, Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Quality Analysis & Factorial Designs, etc.


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