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Qsutra® is derived from combining the words ‘Quality’ & ‘Sutra’. ‘Quality’ is the most popular English term, used to express the performance of a Product or Service as per the intended use.

‘Sutra’ is a Sanskrit term used to express proven ‘Strategies’, ‘Methods’, ‘Systems’ applied for the attainment of a desired outcome. It also refers to a Thread, a Catalyst, that binds things together – In Order.

We believe that several Sutra’s are necessary to be applied, in harmony, to achieve the levels of Automation, Quality & Excellence, that Progressive Organisations strive for. With great Passion and Commitment to Quality & Excellence, we serve organisations across all Manufacturing & Services Industries in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe & countries in the Middle-East.

Qsutra is a Unit of Swajyot Group. Affiliated legal entities include:

 ( Formerly known as Cubic Computing Pvt. Ltd. )

Our Service offerings


Enterprise Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management is an emerging quality management system that helps Organisations to systematise and streamline quality methodologies. Controlling and Improving Quality has become an important strategy in all kind of Industries.


Business Analytics

We are living in a data-driven society, where data are produced and required for analysis in every scenario. Data analytics is a method of collection of data, applying statistical techniques combined with applied mathematics and computer science to improve decision making strategy in an organization.


Trainings & Workshops

Learn & Build your expertise to easily perform Statistical Data Analytics & gain valuable insights to Improve the quality of your products and services. Our courses are guided by highly experienced Industry statisticians and available as Public as well as Onsite programs.

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