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Platform Capabilities

Generative & Conversational AI

Supercharge your insights using Generative AI & trusted analytics. By seamlessly integrating these technologies, our platform ensures swift access to valuable conclusions, enabling you to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently.

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ETL Alteryx


Easily cleanse, prepare, and blend data from a variety of different sources with or without unique identifiers to deliver unified data profiles. Analytic Process Automation Solutions in India.

Data Prep, Enrichment, Data Quality

Achieve reliable analysis by efficiently cleaning and preparing data. Seamlessly navigate through Data Prep, Enrichment, and Data Quality processes to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your data for robust analytical outcomes.

Geospatial ALteryx

Analysis, Geospatial, AutoML

Gain insights and better answers by using data for complex analytical methods, from sentiment analysis on unstructured data to building complex R-based models with little-to-no coding skills. Analytic Process Automation Solutions in India.

Reporting, Analytics Apps, Data Stories

Build once and automate forever. Effectively communicate answers & share them with stakeholders so they can take action, visualize outputs, or even create lightweight dashboards in Alteryx. Analytic Process Automation Solutions in India.

Reporting Alteryx

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