Neural Designer

Data Science and Machine Learning Platform

Build, Train and Deploy AI Neural Network Models.


Advanced Algorithms

Neural Designer contains the most advanced techniques for data preparation, machine learning, and model deployment.


Ease of use

There is no need to write code or assemble blocks, thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface. Provides you with comprehensive & visual results.


High Performance

Neural Designer uses high-performance computing techniques. As a consequence, it can analyse bigger data sets in less time.


Neural Designer License Types

Business License
(Desktop and Cloud)

Business license is categorised into Standard & Enterprise. Allows you to use the software on your computer / cloud whenever you need it, without any additional fees. Available as Annual / Lifetime basis.

Academic License
(Desktop and Cloud)

Academic license offers researchers, teachers, students, & universities unique licensing options. Note that proof of belonging to a university or research centre is required to be eligible. Available as Annual / Lifetime basis.

Neural Designer License, Neural Designer Pricing & the applicable taxes for different licenses,
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Neural Designer Solutions


Engineering & Industry

Applications of neural networks in the engineering and industry sectors are countless. Optimise your process, improve your product quality & know about predictive maintenance.


Banking & Insurance

Neural Designer helps banks and insurance organisations to increase revenue, reduce costs and avoid risks. Customer targeting, customer risk assessment & customer churn prevention.



Neural Designer is transforming the practice of medicine. Helps practitioners to diagnose patients earlier, make predictions about their future health and treat effectively.


Retail & Consumer

Neural Designer helps retail organisations to acquire more customers (customer targeting), predict their churn, and forecast how much they will spend (sales forecasting).

What is Neural Designer?

Neural Designer is a data science and machine learning platform that helps you build, train and deploy neural network models. Using the available data, you can simulate and optimise the processes at your organisation. Neural networks are the most powerful technique for machine learning. With Neural Designer, there is no need to write code or build block diagrams. Instead, the interface guides you through a sequence of well-defined steps. Neural Designer also supports the whole modelling cycle, from data preparation to model production.

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