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About is the World’s Leading CX Automation Platform delivering real-time, on-demand & Total Customer Experience (CX) with the best of AI + Human Intelligence. AI can’t replace humans. So we did the second best thing, we combined the power of Human Intelligence and AI, with active learning to deliver on-demand Customer Experience at scale and achieve 60% Automation in just 30 days. We have the vision to Automate Total Customer Experience, with the best of AI and Human Intelligence to deliver real-time resolution and on-demand fulfillment. In short, we exist to elevate the business-to-consumer interactions of every enterprise across the world to be intuitive, personal, and real-time.

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Explore ready-to-use solutions by Automation Need, Industry and Department.


Customer Support Automation

Don't keep your customers waiting for a resolution. Automate and Personalize Customer Support.


Customer Engagement Automation

Boost Customer Engagement with Conversational AI. Qualify, nurture, close, up-sell. It’s total engagement automation


Conversational Commerce Automation

Engage your customers wherever they are, through conversational virtual assistants. Sell More With Conversational Commerce

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HR Automation

Enhance the efficacy of your Organisational processes with our AI-workers. Reduce operational cost & improve employee satisfaction.


ITSM Automation

Now resolve I.T. issues before they can occur. Leverage ITSM Automation to Improve Employee Efficiency. Use-cases by Industry

Self-serve 70% queries, improve CSAT by 20% & increase sales by $10 million/year.

Retail & E-commerce
Energy & Utilities
Pharma & Healthcare
QSR's Use-cases by Channel

Give Your Brand a Voice to Remember. 83% of customers believe talking to a person to be the most important part of CS processes because voice is interpersonal, informal and inherent to human communication. Build once; deploy anywhere.

Personalize Conversations at Scale. Across 35+ Channels. 5 billion consumers are texting on social media. Build and deploy your bot across 35+ messaging apps. Automate your CX workflows, get better conversions and deliver delightful customer experiences.

Elevate Your Customer Experience With A Free WhatsApp Chatbot. Get your own WhatsApp Business account and deliver a truly multi-channel experience to your customers on the largest messaging app in the world.

Connect, converse and convert with Instagram automation. Increase followers and turn them into loyal customers by promoting, automating responses, cross-selling and upselling your products with Instagram DM automation, taking your business to new heights.

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