Minitab Authorised Training Courses

Our Minitab Certified Training provides users the skills and knowledge they need to confidently harness the power of Minitab Statistical Software. Our training is delivered by Minitab Certified Trainers with years of experience across a wide range of industries. We offer both onsite & public training (online & classroom) in pan India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Our Training enables organisations to make the most of their software investment by empowering employees on how to use Minitab Statistical Software to save time, work more efficiently, make data-driven decisions and improve quality within their organisation.

Our Training courses are divided into three series – Manufacturing, Services & General. Both Manufacturing & Services series cover similar statistical methods but their course materials use different industry-based examples.

Many courses have prerequisite classes. Please contact us if you have any question about which courses are right for you or to schedule onsite training.

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Minitab On-Site Training

( At Client Locations )

Minitab Training for an organisation’s employees at its own site. Bringing our trainer on-site is the most convenient and cost-effective way to develop the skills teams need to improve processes. No travel required for the participants. Onsite training brings opportunity to customize training as per organisation’s need. Choose from prepared learning tracks or create your own by selecting from our individual course offerings.

Minitab Certified Training

( Classroom & Online )

Instructor led Public courses on Minitab Software are offered as Classroom programs at various locations across India, as well as Live Online programs. Sessions are available for beginning through advanced students, and enrolment in each class is limited, to ensure trainers have time for adequate attention, to all attendees. Attending along with participants from mixed verticals & functions, has rich take-aways.

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