Enterprise Information Management

Our new scalable, expanded, comprehensive array of deployment and client options including Qsutra EIM On-Prem and Qsutra EIM Cloud, offer Document and Content Management solutions that can be quickly and easily customized to your environment and operational infrastructure.

Qsutra EIM (Enterprise Information Management) is packed full of features & functionality to help you Capture, File, Locate, Edit, Secure and Process any document in your organisation with ease, anywhere, anytime. Enterprise Information Management Solutions in India.

Whatever your industry type or size, we have the answer to your Information Management requirements.

Flexible Open Modules & Smartly Integrated

Enterprise Documents & Content Lifecycle Management


Smart Forms Capture

Qsutra EIM Forms works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and PDF form files. Automated indexing cuts out the middle man of manual indexing by letting you create data templates for future forms, invoices, reports, proposals, and more. Specifically designed to enhance your business processes and enhance your workflow process.


Automated Capture with Easy Index

Easy Index can process thousands of scanned or digital documents, and then intelligently organize them in your Qsutra EIM system. This module utilizes the powerful Optical Character Recognition, Optical Mark Reading, barcode recognition, and regular expressions support to extract metadata and index your digital files automatically.


Mobile App for iOS & Andriod

The Qsutra EIM Mobile app is a secure gateway into your Qsutra EIM operational hub. Available for iOS and Android, the Qsutra EIM mobile app provides the same capabilities as web access, with the added option to add new documents. Take photos, receive documents, and index them straight into Qsutra EIM. Login to Qsutra EIM via the app.


Analytics & Digital Process Automation

Automate your commonly used Analytics methods in your process. By implementing Analytics & Automation, speed up your analytical process and analyse the large chunk of data in a few seconds or minutes. We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Analytics & Digital Process Automation.

Why an Organisation needs Qsutra EIM to achieve Excellence?

Most organisations today have the basic needs for Records and Content Management as they make efforts towards their Digital Transformation. Enterprise Information Management, EIM maturity is critical to accomplish this goal. Enterprise Information Management Solutions in India.

With Digital Transformation customers expect to provide customers enhanced experiences and improving the workplace Infrastructure, so that they can Attract and Retain the best talent. It becoming more and more established that Enterprise Information Management is extremely important for Organsations in this digital world. Enterprise Information Management Solutions in India.

Qsutra EIM is a holistic and adaptable platform that’s Intelligent, supports all file formats, provides comprehensive security, version revision, efficient workflow, notification services, retention policies, audit trail, comprehensive search included and so forth.


Highlights of Qsutra EIM

Qsutra EIM Salient Features

Get ALL that you Desire - And MORE

Minimise your Challenges related to Paper Documents. Maximise your Enterprise Productivity, Agility and Responsiveness to stakeholders.  

The real stuff is the Content residing in your Documents. Everything that you would and could do...largely depends how this process is undertaken. Any compromises will have cascading effect, beating the purpose of the EIM solution. 

The biggest  bottleneck in initiating Digital Transformation is the fear of loosing the Data due to Intentional or negligence. A robust and secure system is critical for seamless access and Secure Archival 

Enable Authorised Access Control, Traceability and Management of your Electronic records.

Design and  Launch Documents & Information workflows that enhances the collaboration amongst people. Unleash productivity and efficiency unlike ever before. Integrate with your Business Application to make a seamless experience for all team members.

Get realtime visibility of whats happening. What is Moving and what is not with Smart Dashboards. Also build secure Portals for your Vendors, Suppliers, teams, Groups with exclusive content access.

Get Intelligent Insights from your Documents and up your Decision making process.

Save tons of Time and Effort with Digital Process Automation of tasks that do not require Human Intelligence. Free your people for more value adding  activities and get them more involved in your Business.

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How can we help you?

Our expertise lies in delivering the Qsutra EIM Framework solutions using the latest software and approaches. Our solutions include all of the important features required for Top Enterprise Information Management (EIM) deployments, ready to help you get organized in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Qsutra EIM supports all file formats, comprehensive security, version revision, efficient workflow, notification services, retention policies, audit trail, comprehensive search included and so forth. We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Enterprise Information Management. Enterprise Information Management Solutions in India.

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