In Process Quality Assurance

Manufacturers face continuous challenges when it comes to maintaining Manufacturing Quality. Manufacturers need Quality to differentiate themselves and gain a Competitive Advantage.

In Process Quality Assurance, IPQA is very important in any manufacturing environment, but it is critical for certain types of manufacturers like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage, Automotive and high-precision parts manufacturers. A well-defined and well-organized IPQA Framework can help manufacturers keep their processes on track and manufacture to their highest capacity with greater Quality.

Qsutra IPQA offers Modern IPQA Solution to help manufacturers reduce scrap, comply with Regulations, Audits and Standards, improve product quality, decrease costs and risk, and meet customer requirements. Our Modern IPQA (In Process Quality Assurance) Solution frameworks are flexible, scalable and easily adaptable to your existing infrastructure to improve overall Process Efficiency and create better ROI.


Qsutra IPQA - SMART & ROBUST Solution Platform for
In Process Quality Assurance Activities


SMART Data Collection & Integration

Qsutra IPQA supports manual, automated or semi-automated data entry through any scales, live measurements from any gages, etc. Also has the flexibility to integrate with your ERP Systems or any Databases


Real-Time Process Monitoring & Control

Qsutra IPQA integrates a proactive monitoring system that identifies problems in real time and take action. Making real-time decisions instantly on the shop floor is easier with Online Charts and Dashboards.


Workflows & Dashboards

Get access to all your processes and key performance metrics in a real-time online dashboard. Identify improvement opportunities, decrease variability and scrap, react immediately to process changes, and more.


Automate IPQA Activities

By automating repetitive and critical IPQA tasks, we help you save time and improve the working environment of your team. By deploying Automation Frameworks, organisations can speed up their DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY.

Qsutra IPQA Salient Features

Real-Time Visibility & Data-driven Decisions at every level of IPQA Activities

Maintain Data Integrity & Traceability with Qsutra IPQA. Qsutra IPQA ensures that you meet Customers & Regulatory expectations, of Data Integrity, Predictability and Compliance viz. ALCOA+, GMP, ISO/IEC 17025, etc.

Govern and execute inspection rules, process workflows, IPQA framework deployment & maintain Manufacturing Quality across your Organisation.

Use Qsutra IPQA dashboard view of KPIs and metrics to identify areas for improvement, reduce variability and scrap, instantly react to process changes and many more. Improve visibility and efficiency of shifts, people, and processes.

Specifically designed to enhance your inspection processes and enhance your process workflow in your shop floor. Standardizing business processes is essential to fulfilling regulatory and business obligations.

Get instant, automatic, and relevant notifications related to IPQA tasks.

* Our Solution Frameworks adhere to major Regulatory Compliance requirements viz. US FDA, EMA, ISO, MDSAP, PMDA, etc.

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Business Benefits of Qsutra IPQA (In Process Quality Assurance)

How can we help you?

We have expertise delivering Qsutra IPQA Framework solutions using cutting-edge technologies and approaches. All the features required for the deployment of robust real-time IPQA modules are included in our Qsutra IPQA Solution. Based on your process requirement, we will develop In Process Quality Assurance, IPQA Framework for your organisation.

We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Modern IPQA Solution. Deploy our Modern IPQA Frameworks & Improve your Manufacturing Quality in every possible way. And their successful implementation is always our priority. We have various IPQA Frameworks based on Industry Verticals viz. IPQA for Pharma, IPQA for F&B, IPQA for Medical Device, IPQA for Automotive, etc. Deploy our Customised IPQA Framework and Overcome your Process Complexities.

We have deployed our Qsutra IPQA Frameworks in Top Pharmaceuticals and F&B Organisations, and they are already benefitting from this solution for several years and getting better ROI.

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