Quality Management System

For Progressive Organisations, who constantly strive to deliver enhanced value to customers, through High Quality Products and Services.

Qsutra QMS (Quality Management System) Solutions Platform, is an efficient system for managing the whole Lifecycle of Continuous Improvement programs – BETTER, in multiple ways.

Right from Trusted Data Collection to Intuitive Workflows and Insightful Dashboards, Qsutra QMS ensures that you meet Customers & Regulatory expectations, of Data Integrity, Predictability and Compliance.


Be it Six Sigma, LEAN, TQM, PDCA, SPC or any other methodology that you have adopted, Qsutra QMS Solutions Platform helps deploy complex frameworks, in a manner that you reach your goals – FASTER.

Qsutra QMS - A Robust Solutions Platform
For World-Class-Quality


Automated Data Collection & Integration

Qsutra QMS supports manual, automated or semi-automated data entry through any scales, live measurements from any callipers, etc. It also has the flexibility to integrate with any Digital Data Source.


Process Monitoring and Control

Qsutra QMS supports a real-time proactive monitoring system for immediate identification of process problems. Easier to make real-time decisions instantly with Online Charts & Dashboards.


Product Development

Qsutra QMS support all stages of the Product Development Cycle starting from idea generation, idea screening to final product development. Also, pre-results can be easily asses after product development as well.


Project Monitoring & Control

With Qsutra QMS, organisations can able to Monitor & Collaborate any CI Projects (Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, etc) across the Organisations with a Robust Project Governance System. Automated notifications & backup features are also available.


Workflows & Dashboards

Visualise all your analysis results in an online dashboard, automatically updated in real-time. Also, able to generate custom reports, share with Team Members & Stakeholders and derive actionable insights.


Intelligent Visualisation & Analytics

Qsutra QMS can combine the Power of AI technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to transforms big data into Visual Outputs in which relations, patterns or trends of interest can be determined.


Information Flow & Digital Assets Management

Confidently & Efficiently manage End-to-End flow of Information & Documents related to Quality Systems. Smartly Capture, Access & be in total control over DIGITAL ASSETS across all functions & stakeholders.


Automate QMS Cycle

Wholy or partially, we help in Automating your repetitive & critical QMS tasks that take away precious time of your team members. By deploying Automation Frameworks, organisations can speed up their DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY, and make optimum use for their people.

Why an Organisation needs Qsutra QMS?

Foremost, To Reach your Quality Goals – FASTER @ Lower Costs.

To have higher control over Critical  Parameters, to Prioritise & Focus on specific areas for Quality Improvement Cycle.

Qsutra QMS offers SMART Quality Management Solution Frameworks which are Flexible, Modular and Scalable. We also deploy Custom-Built Frameworks at Department & User Level. Our SMART QMS (Quality management System) Solutions Platform helps Organisations to implement all the main components of Quality Management viz. Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement. With Qsutra QMS Organisations can take advantage of SMART QMS (Quality management System) Solutions and make Smarter & Timely Decisions for your process. Also reduce scrap comply with regulations and standards, improve product & service quality, decrease costs and risk, and meet customer requirements. 


Qsutra QMS (Quality management System) can help an Organisation in many areas

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