Statistical Process Control

SPC or Statistical Process Control helps to identify the processes when there is a presence of special causes of variation. Due to this variation, it leads to a significant increase in defects or process out of control limits. PRECISE SPC (Statistical Process Control) helps Organisations to make data-driven decisions to improve processes in real-time before any defects occur.

PRECISE SPC offers Modern SPC Solutions which are flexible, scalable and easily adaptable to your existing infrastructure to improve overall Process Efficiency and create better ROI. Our Modern Statistical Process Control solution helps Organisations to reduce scrap comply with regulations and standards, improve product quality, decrease costs and risk, and meet customer requirements.


Flexible, Custom-Built Modules & Easily Adaptable


Flexible Data Collection & Integration

PRECISE SPC supports manual, automated or semi-automated data entry through any scales, callipers, etc. It also enables access from various database sources. It provides easy access to the stored data for further Analysis and Reporting.


Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

PRECISE SPC supports real-time monitoring for immediate identification of process problems. It will be easier to make real-time decisions instantly on the process floor. SPC Charts & dashboards are automatically updated in real-time.


Real-Time Online Dashboard

Visualise all your process analysis & track the key performance metrics in a real-time online dashboard. Identify areas for improvement, reduce variability and scrap, instantly react to process changes and many more.


Automate Real-Time SPC Analysis

Automate your SPC Analysis in your process. Speed up your analytical process and analyse the process data in a few seconds or minutes. Implement our Automation Modules to strengthen your Process Operations & Reporting.

Why an Organisation needs PRECISE SPC - Statistical Process Control?

To Achieve Excellence, Assess Critical Current Conditions, Prioritise & Focus on specific areas for Continuous Improvement.

With PRECISE SPC, Organisations can take advantage of Modern SPC Analysis and make Smarter & Timely Decisions for your process. With proper implementation, Organisations can gain a lot of Business Benefits of Statistical Process Control Viz. Better ROI, Quality & Consistency, Process Optimisation, Better Decision Making, Manage Risks & Opportunities.

Improve your Manufacturing Process with our Real-Time SPC Analysis. As we are driving towards Industry 4.0, Modern SPC Analysis is crucial for Organisations to implement.


PRECISE SPC can help an Organisation in many areas

Precise SPC Salient Features

Improve Process & Product Quality, Reduce Variations and Optimise Processes.

Smart Data Collection makes it easy to capture, combine, and compare your process data. PRECISE SPC supports manual, automated or semi-automated data entry through any scales, callipers, etc.

Use PRECISE SPC dashboard view of KPIs and metrics to identify areas for improvement, reduce variability and scrap, instantly react to process changes and many more.

Automate your SPC Analysis in your process. Free your people from Manual, Repetitive and Mundane task and engaged them for more value adding activities.

Specifically designed to enhance your business processes and enhance your workflow process.

Receive Notifications & Alerts when the user completes the SPC Analysis, during defect occurs, process out of control and so forth.

Live Webinars

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Should one or more of the features of our Precise SPC solution interests you, we encourage you to join us for a complimentary webinar and discover further.

How can we help you?

Our expertise lies in delivering the PRECISE SPC Framework solutions using the latest technology and approaches. Our PRECISE SPC Solutions include all of the required features for the deployment of robust real-time SPC Modules. Based on your process requirement, we can also develop the SPC Framework for your organisation.

We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilisation the power of Modern SPC Solutions. Deploy our Modern SPC Frameworks & Improve your Manufacturing Process in every possible way. And their successful implementation is always our priority.

We also conduct various training programs – Statistical Training and Minitab Software Training. Statistical training starts with basic level to advanced level. Some of the Statistical training certified courses are Predictive Analytics Masterclass, Essential Statistics For Business Analytics, SPC Masterclass, DOE Masterclass, etc. Now coming to Minitab software training, starts with basic to advanced level. Some of the Minitab software training certified courses are Minitab Essentials, Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Quality Analysis & Factorial Designs, etc.

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