Data Analytics

We are living in a data-driven society, where data are produced and required for analysis in every scenario. Data analytics is a method of collecting data, applying statistical techniques combined with applied mathematics and computer science to improve decision making strategy in an organisation.

Data analytics helps us to extract valuable information from data and support decision making. The importance of data analytics is very well known in all areas.

Our expertise lies in delivering the top data analytics solutions using the latest analytics software and approaches. We help the organisation to achieve its maximum potential by utilization the power of data and delivering the essential data analytics modules for improvement. We help you to define a strategy and choose appropriate techniques required for your organisation. We can guide you on “How to apply analytics in your data to gain deepest insights?” We provide services to help you resolve any data-related issue; for example – data presentation, visualization, data report, informative project dashboards, etc.

We provide services on various types of Statistical Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Collection of raw data from multiple data sources and to gain insights by comprehensive data study and effective visualization. In simpler words, it gives the overview of “What has happened?

Diagnostic Analytics

Here we try to identify patterns, trends and find out dependencies. In simpler words, it gives the overview of “Why it happened?” Statistical concepts like correlation and regression analysis are used.

Predictive Analytics

It is used to determine patterns, predict future trends and make a prediction about the likelihood of future outcomes. In simpler words, it gives the prediction of “What will happen?” Statistical modelling plays a major role in it.

Prescriptive Analytics

It gives the best optimal solution from the alternatives for stronger business performance for your organisation. In simpler words, it gives the overview of “What we need to do?”

Why an organisation need Data Analytics?

We all know the importance of data analytics in this data-centric world. We use data analytics to find new improvement opportunities in an organisation irrespective of industrial types. It is applicable in all the department of an organisation viz. manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing, production, R&D and so on. We can improve everything by applying data analytics in an organisation.

Data Analytics Applications can help an Organisation in many areas

Today, the use of modern computers has the expertise to large scale data analytical computations. It has made possible to perform computation which was impossible to do manually. Various software are available in the market which helps to perform data analysis smoothly. For data analysis, we personally prefer "MINITAB 19" which performs data analysis smoothly and friendly to use.

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