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Enterprise Decisions Management or commonly known as EDM is a modern systematic approach that can transform how organisations make DECISIONS in their day-to-day Operational Business Process. EDM blends the capabilities of Analytics, AI, Automation, Business Intelligence & Visualisation to build and deploy robust Decision Frameworks for any Business Process. As a result, organisations can automate the high-volume process of making decisions & also effectively manage the Decision Flow across the system. With proper implementation, an organisation can gain many Business Benefits from Enterprise Decisions Management.

Qsutra’s Enterprise Decisions Management solution helps to understand the customers’ perspective, business trends, initiate better decision plans and build an agile decision support system. With Qsutra EDM, an organisation can enhance the efficiency of routine operational decision processes & also reduce the cycle time with Automation. Deploy Smart Decision Process Frameworks with Qsutra EDM. Whatever your industry type or size, we have the answer to your Decisions Management requirements.

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Why do Organisations need Qsutra - Enterprise Decisions Management ?

To have a Robust Decision Support System, Assess Critical Current Conditions and Minimize the Risk.

Enterprise Decisions Management is our holistic approach to enhance your Decision Support Systems. With Qsutra EDM, organisations can take advantage of Decision Science to make Smarter & Timely Decisions for all aspects of their Operational Business Process. With proper implementation, organisations can gain a lot of Business Benefits from Enterprise Decisions Management. EDM can be applied in all departments of your organisation whether it’s Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, R&D, Logistics, Production, Sales, etc. Implement our Decision Frameworks to enhance your existing Decision Support System and make Smarter Business Decisions. Our Decision Frameworks are FULLY CUSTOMISABLE, SCALABLE & EASILY ADAPATABLE to your Workforce Environment and Operational Infrastructure.

Enterprise Decisions Management comprises a wide range of methods and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence & Visualisation, Automation, Predictive Analytics, Statistics, and so forth. Due to emerging applications of Decision Science in our Decision Support System, an organisation must unleash the power of Enterprise Decisions Management.


Business Benefits of Enterprise Decisions Management

How can we help you?

Our expertise lies in delivering the Best-in-class Modern EDM Framework solutions using the latest technology powered by Decision Science. Our solutions include all of the important features required for Top Enterprise Decisions Management (EDM) deployments, ready to help you get organised to make DECISIONS most efficiently and cost-effectively. With Qsutra EDM, organisations can reduce decision complexities, minimise risks, find new opportunities to improve decision process systems and so forth. We help organisations in focusing their energies to achieve better business outcomes, help them set successful long-term strategies and also achieve their maximum potential by utilisation the power of Enterprise Decisions Management.

Apart from deploying our Decision Frameworks, we do have Qsutra Enablement Programs for your Team Members & Stakeholders. Our Enablement Programs will help them with Smart Decision Making.

We also conduct various training programs – Statistical Training and Minitab Software Training. Statistical training starts with basic level to advanced level. Some of the Statistical training certified courses are Predictive Analytics Masterclass, Essential Statistics For Business Analytics, SPC Masterclass, DOE Masterclass, etc. Now coming to Minitab software training, starts with basic to advanced level. Some of the Minitab software training certified courses are Minitab Essentials, Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Quality Analysis & Factorial Designs, etc.

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