Why Choose Minitab as your Statistical Data Analytics Software?

Since we are living in a data-driven society, where Data Analytics have taken centre stage in recent years. Data Analytics helps us to extract valuable information from data and support decision making strategy in an organisation. The importance of data analytics is very well known in all areas. We use data analytics to find new improvement opportunities in an organisation irrespective of industrial types. It is applicable in all the department of an organisation viz. manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing, production, supply chain, R&D and so on. 

Minitab - Powerful statistical software everyone can use

However, there are challenges ahead for organisations to recruit an employee who has - 

In simpler words, there is a huge gap between the present and required analytics skills workforce. Moreover, organisations want the right analytical tools which are easy to use, better & faster, reliable and supported by technical experts. Here, Minitab comes into play which overcomes all these challenges and gives meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems.

Let’s find more about Minitab…...

What is Minitab?

Minitab is a data analytics software which delivers statistical analysis, visualizations, predictive and improvement analytics to enable data-driven decision making. Regardless of statistical background and programming skills, organisations can use Minitab to analyse small and large datasets for quality improvement, process validation, product development and so forth. 

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NB - Want to learn, How to use & explore Minitab Software? Attend our Minitab Certified Training Program, starting from basic to advanced level. Some of the Minitab software training certified courses are Minitab Essentials, Statistical Tools for Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Quality Analysis & Factorial Designs, etc. Apart from Minitab training, we also conduct basic and advanced Statistical training. Some of the Statistical training certified courses are Application of Essential Quality Tools, Masterclass in Statistical Thinking, SPC Masterclass, DOE Masterclass, etc.

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