How to Decide whether to Accept or Reject the lot in Manufacturing Scenarios?

Suppose in an organisation, when we have to evaluate the quality of incoming or outgoing products – “How we do it?” Based on certain quality characteristics – “How we make a decision whether to accept or reject the lot?”

The answer lies behind the concept of “Acceptance sampling”. It is an alternative to 100% inspection. Here, inspection is performed on a lot or batch of parts or products. We can use acceptance sampling to accept or reject a lot based on a representative sample. It plays a major role in the quality control process.

Please keep in note that acceptance sampling doesn’t improve the quality of a process but it helps to control quality to a great extent. It helps in decision making whether to accept or reject lots.

Since we have discussed the basic concepts of acceptance sampling. Now, I would like to move a little forward and discuss the risks involved in acceptance sampling.

You must be thinking, “Why risks are involved?” Let me remind you, we are not doing 100% inspection – we are taking a sample from a lot for inspection.

There are two types of risks involved while doing it –

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