Qsutra® is the Sole Authorised Minitab Partner for Minitab LLC., Minitab Distributor & Minitab Reseller in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal. Qsutra® offered the following services –

About Minitab LLC.

Minitab is the Leading Provider of Software and Services for Operational Excellence, Quality Improvement and Statistics Education. For over 40-years, Minitab has helped organisations drive cost containment, enhance quality, boost customer satisfaction and increase effectiveness. 

Thousands of organisations in so many diverse industries, use Minitab Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab, Quality Trainer and SPM, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics Software to uncover flaws in their processes and improve them. And educators in more than 4,000 colleges and universities use Minitab Statistical Software to teach their students the power of data analysis. Minitab’s affordability, usability and top-notch data analysis capabilities make the software invaluable. Minitab is also widely known for providing the industry’s best customer service, including outstanding training and free, unlimited technical support.

About Qsutra®

Qsutra® has been fully enabled by Minitab LLC., and we are the Sole Authorised Minitab Partner, Minitab Distributor and Minitab Reseller in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. We provide all kinds of Minitab Support & Services. Expect the highest level of our commitment and attention to your Minitab related needs. We have been working very closely with hundreds of organisations for integrating Minitab products into their Improvement initiatives like Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Design of Experiment (DOE), Kaizen, TQM, QbD, CMMI etc. or their own methodologies. 

Minitab is the Software of choice for Statisticians – for its Versatility & Customisation capabilities, as well as for non – Statisticians for its Ease of Use & world-class Resources. Our Minitab Customer Support team is the best place to reach out for any query you may have – Where to buy Minitab Software in India, how to evaluate Minitab Products, who can help with Minitab Customisation, Minitab for Education in India, Minitab Macros, what is Minitab Pricing model in India, clarity on Minitab Licencing, interested in Minitab Reselling etc.    

Authorised Partner
Minitab Certified Training Provider


Powerful Statistical Software Everyone can use

Companion by Minitab

Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement Management

Quality Trainer

Master Statistics and Minitab® Anytime, Anywhere.

Salford Predictive Modeler (SPM)

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Software

Visual Tools to Ensure Process and Product Excellence

Minitab for Education

The leading statistical software used in education worldwide.

Minitab offers a complete set of statistics in a user-friendly design that makes it easy for students of all levels including student pursuing degrees outside of statistics. Minitab is equally useful for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in statistics as well as students in other fields where data analysis is required. When so many companies in so many diverse industries trust Minitab for data analysis it is easy for dedicated educators to trust Minitab when teaching who will enter those industries in the future.

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