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Minitab Workspace Pricing

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  • Minitab Workspace Single-User Annual License
  • Minitab Workspace Single-User Onetime-Buyout License


  • ₹ 98,171

  • ₹ 2,15,878
For the exact current pricing, & the applicable taxes, contact our sales team.

Minitab Workspace Pricing

  • Minitab Workspace Single-User Annual License

    ₹ 98,171

  • Minitab Workspace Single-User Onetime-Buyout License

    ₹ 2,15,878

For the exact current pricing, & the applicable taxes, contact our sales team.

Find all the ultimate business visualization tools in one place

Minitab Workspace provides all the essential visual business tools to achieve the process and product excellence. All widely used tools such as process map, value stream map, brainstorming diagrams, monte carlo simulation and forms-based tools are available in Minitab Workspace. Our tools help you to identify opportunities to improve your process and achieve excellence.





Process Map

Build high-level or detailed flow charts to help you understand and communicate all the activities in a process with the added customization.

Fishbone Diagram

Use fishbone diagrams to map out and identify every relevant element of your processes and refine the scope of either simple or complex projects.

Value Stream Map

Visualize and streamline the flow of materials and information through your organisation and add value that meets customer expectations.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Identify the potential risk of process or product failure and prioritize the actions needed to mitigate them.

Note: Workspace’s FMEA meets the latest AIAG-VDA Standards to ensure industry-leading standards for product and process development.

Five Whys

Determine the root cause of a problem through direct questions, relationship mapping and reflection to prevent recurrence in the future.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Characterize and understand risk in a process or product, optimize your process and forecast the results with greater accuracy.

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