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Now learning Statistics is easy with Quality Trainer. Want to explore the world of data and analysis, Quality Trainer is right for You! It is a fully oriented e-learning course which includes animated lessons, quizzes and exercises. Moreover, hand on exercises to explore more and you can execute on Minitab software. Flexible licensing options are available for individuals or an entire organization.

Quality Trainer contains nine chapters with numerous interactive lessons and exercises. You can complete the course at your own pace. Most importantly, you can repeat again and again until you fully understand. It covers the commonly used graphs and statistical tools which are relevant in today’s process scenarios. Some of them are Hypothesis Tests, Control Charts, Process Capability, ANOVA, Measurement System Analysis and more.


It engages learners with interactive animated lessons and real-life applicable scenarios of statistics and benefits. Each and every topic are thoroughly explained and also discussed it’s utilization to analyze data. You can discover solutions and relate to your business problems.

Lessons are arranged in systematic order and easy to follow. From the very basic fundamentals of statistics to the advanced level which gives you a deep and better understanding of statistics. You can always refresh your knowledge by rewinding it whenever you confuse or forget the concept of a particular topic.


After completion of each statistical concept, Quality Trainer teaches you “How to execute that concept in Minitab software?” It guides you step by step to execute the problem from the bottom level to the ending level.


After completion of each topic, interactive quizzes are given to test your knowledge with a detailed solution. Proper recommendations are given for the good understanding – “Which topic to review again?” and many more.

This helps you to well-versed on each and every concept throughout the course. You can also retake the quiz anytime which helps you to understand well.


Quality Trainer concludes each topic with a real-world exercise. So you can relate and directly apply to your own work. As we know, we are living in a competitive world where we have to upgrade every day to meet the skills needed for a job. Here, Quality Trainer helps you to become a suitable one.

Qsutra® is the Sole Authorised Minitab Reseller for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh. Qsutra® is Certified MINITAB partner and provide Minitab Training & Technical Support Services.

We have been working very closely with hundreds of organisations for Integrating Minitab products into their Improvement initiatives like Six SigmaLeanSPC, Kaizen, TQM, QbD, CMMI etc. or their own methodologies.

Minitab is the Software of choice for Statisticians – for its Versatility & Customisation capabilities, as well as for Non – Statisticians for its Ease of Use & world-class Resources.

Our Minitab Customer Support team is the best place to reach out for any query you may have – Where to buy Minitab Software, how to evaluate Minitab Products, who can help with Minitab Customisation, Minitab for Education, Minitab Macros, what is Minitab Pricing model, clarity on Minitab Licencing, interested in Minitab Reselling etc.

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