Companion by Minitab

Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement Management

Achieve the Highest Level of Business Excellence with the Specifically Designed Solution to help you Start, Track, Manage & Share Continuous Improvement Projects

Start Your Journey For Continuous Improvement with Companion by Minitab

Companion by Minitab is the only solution specifically designed to help you initiate the project with wide ranges of continuous improvement tools and know key performance metrics in a real-time online KPI dashboard. Start your CI project in the right phase and execute one after another in a specified methodology as per your requirement. Here, you can manage your projects globally and share your projects improvement reports and projects securely with others.

Plan & Align


Measure & Analyze

Share in Real Time

Plan and Align

Initiate your project in the right manner, audit and choose the best project ideas, keeping in mind the budget and the time frame. Here, Companion Project Roadmaps helps you to easily start, execute, share and replicate project ideas and project across your organisation.

In Companion’s real-time online dashboard, you can align and access all the required strategy, focused on the essentials, identify where corrective action is needed to improve your project and thus achieve operational excellence.


Visualize your every step throughout the entire journey of your improvement project with Companion’s project manager, work area and 100+ powerful visual tools and forms which enables the execution of projects throughout your organisation.

Enable Workflow to Move Projects Forward Even More Smoothly

Select from the various ideas, which should carry forward to become the project. Set up a steering committee, so the right people are notified on completion of each phase. Thus the workflow of the project will move forward smoothly.

Automatic Backup your data

Work continuously with confidence and without any disruption. Companion will automatically take your work backed up, so there is no need to worry about your project.

Measure and Analyze

Measure and Analyze your results by using the Companion’s analysis tools or by importing your own.

Working with Minitab Statistical Software is Easier than Ever

Now, your team members can send analysis outputs directly from Minitab statistical software to Companion. Moreover, you can insert the Minitab project file directly to your project roadmap and save all updates in your Companion project.

Share in Real-Time

Share and review your project status in real-time and check whether it is meeting the goals or not, and make a strategic corrective decision.

Real-Time KPI Online Dashboard

Visualize all your project ongoings like project phases, financial status, etc. and track the key performance metrics of your project in a real-time online dashboard. Prioritize and focus on the specific ideas and projects which is meeting your target.

Prepare Unlimited Reports to Highlight Key Milestones and ROI

Generate customize project reports and share with your team members and across the organisation. So everyone will have a good understanding of the project and improvement initiatives.

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